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November 2012




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Nov. 24th, 2015

st: gaila pretty

(no subject)

Hello, did you know I write Star Trek fic, in small yet heartfelt quantities?

Looking for a particular story? There's an index of my work here.

Nov. 5th, 2012

personal: keep calm

(no subject)

My plan for tomorrow: total news avoidance. I have a medical thing at midday and after that I'll be mildly sedated for a while, then on "couch rest" for 48 hours. It's kind of awkward timing because I'm supposed to be tranquil and calm during my couch rest, which I won't be if I have to see Wolf Fucking Blitzer talking to holograms or Newt Fucking Gingrich in any form. Hence the news blackout. I told my husband he can't tell me anything unless it's confirmation that it's over and Obama's won.

(I voted last week, fortunately. That and shoving money at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund are all I contributed to the election this year. No wait--there was ranting! And glowering. Ugh, time for more zen relaxation.)

Things I mean to do, so I don't forget them during my 48 hours of yogic breathing and Tivo-clearing:

- Type up recipe for gluten-free cake & post it
- Continue writing 10 minutes/day for WriSoMiFu, even if it's drivel
- Knit some sleeves for my stalled sweater
- Try to remember how to Illustrator

Time to bundle up on the couch and have ginger tea. My friends who are in the US, try not to let the election freak you out--it's going to be okay, I'm convinced of it.

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Nov. 1st, 2012

st: gaila pretty

Wriso! Day 1

HIIIIIIIIII! I'm doing WriSoMiFu this month, which means no more hiding out pretending to be a chair or whatever. Time to be a person on the internet again!

Last year I completely failed to finish the story that I told myself was my WriSo goal. Hence, in keeping with the miserable spirit, this year I'm again going to try to finish one of these WIPs that's been stagnating on my hard drive for lo these ages.

(Interested friends: It's a Sarek/Amanda story set before they were married. It needs to be finished!)

Stats at the beginning, for my own tragic information:

last time I saved changes to a draft of the story: 6/4/12 !!!
words: 4,272
how long it needs to be probably, I think, maybe: about 6000-7000 words ? IDEK


1. Went to Target and did not buy any leftover Halloween candy

2. Voted

3. Changed the sheets, 2 loads laundry

4. Went with husband to the bank where he cashed the last of the bonds he received for his bar mitzvah. Which was in 1982. They just matured! I guess his relatives wanted to make sure he didn't spend all the money at once. :) (And what do you know, cash from 1982 does actually come in handy in 2012, so good on you, relatives?)

5. Saw that there are 5 pages of comments in the WriSoMiFu daily checkin thread already, felt inadequate. Wrote this post!


1. Actual writing. I WILL DOIT! or maybe I'll print out the story draft and read it over? It's been months, I forget everything.

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Aug. 1st, 2012

personal: keep calm


Uh oh you guys, I got TunnelBear. BBC iPlayer, you are mine! Therefore so are the Olympics, in non-ridiculous format, and including sports I'm suddenly curious about after glimpsing them yesterday. Dudes in canoes slaloming down artificial rapids, what what? So many interesting sports that don't get broadcast because Americans aren't the stars. Badminton! More than 30 seconds of Archery! Gymnastics as it actually happened!

(I'm super excited to explore the BBC iPlayer in general. I had no idea it was so simple and easy to get access to it--all this time I've thought there was sketchiness involved, but apparently not? When sites like Lifehacker are advising people to use TunnelBear, that makes them seem pretty legit.)

Today I'm making sketches for a chuppah for a florist, then I have some embroidery to do. I hope your skies are as pretty as ours today!

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Jul. 29th, 2012

personal: keep calm


Today I am going to:

1. Make a peach pie
2. Prep some embroidery on a chuppah
3. Watch this bootleg Eurosport Olympics livestream, which is so much less annoying than NBC's coverage and includes beautiful things like announcers with heavy Scottish accents and people saying stuff like "Lochte is having a STONKING swim!"

(ATM they're streaming women's weightlifting, which is mystifying to me. How do they do it with those tiny bodies? Their arms look like totally ordinary arms and then they lift twice their weight over their head. How do they practice this sport without getting crushed under a barbell while they're still learning? /mysteries)

It's been ages since I posted, oof. No super-exciting news to share. I'm behind where I wanted to be on several projects, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude rather than lie around going UGH at myself. (Success level: mixed; significant lying around has occurred.) My July was brightened by a visit from the wonderful Melanie and a quick trip to New York, where we were saw a musical (Ghost! The musical!), ogled the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibit at the Met, hooked up with cousins and were bundled off to the beach on a 100 degree day and fed hipster fish tacos. A perfect vacation!

How is it not August yet? Normally the months seem to fly by but July has been a creeper. I blame the heat for making it seem three months long.

How are things with you, friends?

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May. 11th, 2012

personal: keep calm


Oof, my brain is foggy. I'm giving myself 15 minutes for chitchat and then I'm off the computer to do standing-up things for a while. And also, hello! Here's a list of things, what what:

1. I'm thisclose to being done with my new web site, which would be awesome because it ate my week. As usual the sticking point is anything "About Me"-ish. I can blab all day about frequently asked questions but as soon as I have to put five sentences together about who I am I go blank, or wander off into weird emo territory.

(Actually that's a good reminder though: five sentences. It doesn't have to be a novel, right? And the emo stuff is kind of looking like a good future blog post, so not a total loss.)

2. Why am I not surprised to learn that Fifty Shades of Grey is Twilight fanfic with the serial numbers filed off? EMBARRASSING.

3. Last time I posted about Great Lake Swimmers I completely forgot to mention that they have a free live album up at Noise Trade: The Legion Sessions. I don't know if it works outside the US but there it is.

4. I'm reading a biography of William Hogarth and there's this great quote in here from Joseph Addison:
'Every Passion gives a particular Cast to the Countenance, and is apt to discover itself in some Feature or other. I have seen an Eye curse for half an Hour together and an Eye-brow call a man Scoundrel.'



5. I ordered this adorable dress today. I have high hopes for its cuteness!

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May. 4th, 2012

personal: keep calm

this week, in reverse

1. I'm using text from Emma as a placeholder in a web page I'm making this afternoon. Mr Elton, what a dick! Also it's reminding me of a book about marriage I read a while ago; it was going along fine until the author made a claim about Jane Austen's views on marriage. Her support: a quote from Mrs Elton. MRS ELTON! W T F ???

Theory: author didn't have time to read the actual novels, she just checked The Little Book of Jane Austen Quotations under "marriage" and used whatever she found.

Later she quoted Virginia Woolf as having given a speech "in 1943, when she was at the height of her powers." OR DEAD FOR TWO YEARS. IT'S PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING.

Annnddd...that's where I stopped reading.

// #books I have thrown #madame who is your editor #no court would convict me

2. Our cleaner was on vacation two weeks ago, so this morning when they came it was our first thorough cleaning in four weeks. I think I've forgotten how to clean my house. I keep finding dust-free surfaces, it's lovely and mysterious!

3. Finally getting my web site the way I want it--all in a rush this week, after tinkering with this Wordpress template for a couple of weeks.

I made a thing for it that I love:

...which started out as this, which is me finally getting to work on learning to use watercolors, one of my goals for 2012:

I know, circles, very challenging! I'm working my way up to Things.

4. I've been carrying a printout of my Sarek/Amanda WIP with me when I go to appointments. While I wait I scribble away at it--but haven't put the edits into the document yet so the back side of several pages is a mass of crossouts and insertions and things written sideways with numbers and arrows. I haven't forgotten writing or fallen out of love with their awesomeness, I'm just working so hard on other things, oof. Going to the doctor is my guilty pleasure now because all the time I have to wait I get to write and I don't have to do any work. :D

5. Tuesday night we went to Lincoln Hall to see Great Lake Swimmers at the start of their North American tour. I've posted about them before but this was the first time we saw them live.

They were so good! I should have more music review vocab to draw on but whatever. GO SEE THEM IF YOU CAN is my review. One thing I noticed, hearing the songs live--something about them seems very Canadian to me, which is weird and hard to explain but--so much imagery drawn from geology and oceans and nature being all wild and melancholy and harsh but also welcoming.

Tony Dekker is my daguerreotype boyfriend, also, so there's that.

Two songs by Great Lake Swimmers: The first song--"Your Rocky Spine"--is amazing and illustrates what I mean about Candian-ness. (Ooh, someone in the comments agrees with me: "A true Canadian song.") The second video is another of my favorites and possibly the finest example of Tony Dekker daguerreotype-boyfriendism.

*mooshes everybody* How are you, bunnies?

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May. 2nd, 2012

food: fomato vegetables

hold that thought, bacon awaits

I need to write a longer update, but since dinner calls I'll just swing by to say hi! I'm planning to improvise pasta carbonara for dinner--modified since I plan to put greens in it due to our CSA produce box delivering us massive quantities of greens.

(Like pounds and pounds of them; we have leaf lettuce, spinach, bok choi, red russian kale, tatsoi and swiss chard, all in amounts suitable for making a whole dish.)

My plan is bacon, onions and garlic, greens cooked on the side and added at the end, an egg yolk or two and grated pecorino romano, thrown onto some quinoa spaghetti. Garnish with parsley and devour.

(Wow, I have no suitable icons on Dreamwidth for chatting about foods. Must fix that one day.)

On to the bacon! xoxox

ETA to say what the hell? I feel like I just posted and now I see my last post was 4/20. It feels like five days ago, what is my life?

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Mar. 8th, 2012

personal: keep calm

(no subject)

Having a blog out in public is definitely increasing my cynicism about humans. These spammers are ridiculous!

I just got this hilarious comment:

This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!
[followed by a link to their web site, which itself appears to be some kind of bogus link farm]

HaHa. Flattery will get you everywhere, spammer! Oh wait, did I just hit "permanently delete"? Whoops. Never mind, HaHa I'm sure you'll be back for all my erudition about this topic, if you ever figure out what it is.

(I've been super busy and am overdue for an update, but first I have a monogram to embroider. More later!)

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Feb. 10th, 2012

personal: keep calm

spammers, garh

I guess it was the right decision to install a spam-comment filter on my blog, because I just checked it and I have three spam comments already. Amazing considering my blog only has three posts so far. How do they even find me? A Lana Del Rey fansite pretending to be a person wants me to know how much she always loves "what I put up there." The today's date spamsite thanks me for "explaining the terminology so clearly." Spammers, I am embarrassed for you!

(I put this thing in preemptively because it gives me the sads when I go anywhere with a comments section and the real comments are outnumbered by garbage. I just didn't imagine spammers would appear so soon--how is that even?)

Okay, complaining about spammers is a very unquality topic. Maybe if I add some music? The Head and the Heart - Lost in My Mind. We saw them open for the Decemberists this summer and really liked them. Lalalala!

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